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Meet Our Team

Christopher Botson

I am originally from Cleveland but have lived in Marblehead since ’96. I have been in the insurance industry for the past eight years with experience as key man operations planner. As trusted advisors, we get to teach our customers the real need for the different types of insurance products and how they can provide proper coverage for the things they care the most about. What I enjoy the most about my career is the love for people; we are a people company and we truly relish to know our customers are making the best out of the insurance products they acquire.

Living so close to the water made it natural for me to work in high-end boating sales for 15 years. Since then, I have been a long-time water lover engaging in boating and other water-related activities to the most of my capabilities. On the other side of me, I grew up playing and coaching at different levels of rugby. It’s truly great to see how it has come along from a high school and a professional platform. I wear my emotions on my sleeve; good or bad I tell it how it is.

Maurice “MJ” Johnson

I am originally from Chicago Illinois I grew up on the south east side on Rainbow Beach. I attended Marine Valley Community College where I received an Associates degree in Law Enforcement. After several years as a Corrections Officer I moved to Sandusky, Ohio and I have resided there for fifteen years.

I have a few years under my belt. The Botson Agencies is where my journey began. Over time I have learned the importance of finding the need for insurance for all customers. I take pride in knowing that after I have worked with a family I have done all I can to make sure that they have the coverage they need. I appreciate the fact that I know that I am educating people on insurance in general, and also making them aware of the types of coverages that are available to them. I also appreciate the fact that I know that I am selling them a quality product that will hold its value in the midst of mayhem.

I am an extreme car enthusiast, I love the sound and rumble of a v8 engine. I also enjoy detailing and buffing a vehicle I like to bring the beauty in them out. I enjoy camping with my boys and grilling in the back yard for my family and friends. On the weekends, I like to attend sporting events with them. I also enjoy landscaping and beautifying my home.

I am a member of Compassionate Casket Ministries. We donate caskets and help with funeral expenses for less fortunate individuals who die of sudden deaths and illnesses. We have helped several families in Erie and Huron county to date.

Chuck Lemay

I was raised in Millbury, Ohio until I got to high school when I moved to Toledo and graduated from Libbey High School. Finally, I moved away from home to California to attend Long Beach college were I majored in Electrical Engineering while working on the Apollo Program and the Saturn S-2 second stage. I decided to work on insurance because I am a “People Person” and enjoy my insurance knowledge to properly protect against losses that may occur. I especially enjoy the role of searching out answers to problems which arise from time to time. I have been working in the industry for 42 years and 38 years as an Agency Owner. Prior to working with this insurance company, I was a Northwest Ohio Agency Manager for Preferred Risk Insurance. Now that I am retired, I am working at the Botson Agencies as an agency support staff.

Today I own the Toledo Cherokee Jr., a hockey franchise that has been running for 28 years. I enjoyed helping young men strive to further their education through the sport of ice hockey. For this reason, you will probably find me at the ice rink most of the time. When not, you will find me at home working on my yard or at church worshipping my Lord and Savior.

I play the trombone and when I was young I had my own band. As an adult I used my musical education in church as Minister of Music.

I like to service my community by volunteering in Cherokee Hockey of course, which is a non profit organization and American Cancer Society through Relay for Life. My son recently died from cancer so this has become very important to me.